Animation and Storytelling

Ain’t it difficult to weave a perfect story? When it comes to creating a story, it is not that simple as it may sound. There are many elements to be considered and a lot of brain storming is required. How to make a story interesting? How to grab the attention of the audience while narrating your story? What medium would be more effective in delivering a message? How to make sure that your story will be remembered for a long time?

Children have vivid imaginations and ardent story building capacities. When this flair is nurtured, their creativity is elevated. “How to spur one’s creativity?” is a vague question. Because there are many art forms that a child can ace. Which one of those specifically tap creative thinking, imagination and innovation is a very subjective matter.

Animation is an incredible form of art that is used for storytelling. Stories are more effective when served by departing from reality. In order to do this it is necessary to develop the ability to think in an atypical…

Cameraless Animation Workshop

Drawn-on-film animation, also known as cameraless animation, is an animation technique where footage is produced by creating the images directly on a film strip. In this workshop children (Age: 7-14 years) will create animation films on a register roll, emulating the "direct·on·film animation" technique, popularised in 1930s by artists like Norman Mclaren & Len Lye.
Course content (10 sessions)
• Definition and History of Animation
• Types of cameraless animations
• Creating Zoetrope & Kineographs to understand the process of animation
• Creating animation on register rolls.

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The Art of Animation

“Animation is not the art of drawings that move but the art of movements that are drawn” Norman McLaren The history of animation goes way back to the year 1825 when Thaumatrope was published. And then came the Phenakistiscope which was discovered in the year 1832 by Joseph Plateau. In 1834, Zoetrope – a pre-film animation device that produces the illusion of motion by displaying a sequence of images in a circular manner.
Zoetrope In traditional animation, the animator draws characters frame by frame with a slight displacement to show the transition in movement of the characters. Cel animation is one of the oldest technique that was used to create animation films. In this technique, the characters were drawn on a transparent sheet made of cellulose nitrate and camphor.

Every animation creation begins by deciding a storyline. Expressing that story as animation involves several aspects like design, timing, precision, and so on. Each of these tasks requires enormous con…

Train Brain with Animation

Isn’t it amazing how the human brain can multitask? A human brain’s functionalities and the use of these functionalities is what makes an individual unique. Factually, human brain can be divided into two parts- the left brain and the right brain. The right brain coordinates with the left side of the body and is what facilitates you creativity, imagination, intuition, holistic thought process and art awareness. On the other hand, your left brain controls the right side of the body and is the more academic and logical side of the brain.             Essentially, the focus always goes on augmenting the academic skills of children. The right brain is the one that offers skills to create and develop a smarter and productive individual. It is as important to train and boost these skills as it is to clinch to academic progress. Identifying children’s creative side is crucial and nurturing this side is all the more important. Most researchers agree on the theory that creative students are better …

Selections and Pre-Selections - Fingers Crossed

This past week has been so eventful, with ONLY exciting News and Awards coming our way. Here are a few more to add to the list- After winning a FICCI BAF Award last week, our cutout animation film ANIMAL ABUSE has made it to INDIAN PANAROMA section of International Children’s Film Festival, Lucknow 2019 International Children's Film Festival and Corti a Ponte, Ponte San Nicolò, Venice! Festival Corti a Ponte 2019 - Home page | Festival Corti a Ponte . This film was created in the Gond Art Style…A tribal art form from Madhya Pradesh.

‘The Fast & the Furry’ (a rotoscopy film) has also made it to Corti a Ponte 2019. Both films have been selected in the International 3.20 competition section (films made by children and youth). Out of 809 submissions only 40 films made it to this section. So proud that our films were among them! Total estimated audience viewing our film at Corti a Ponte is 2500 aged between 5 & 80 years. Animal Abuse’ has also been pre-selected for the 10th edition…

Ever wondered how Animation Education is beneficial to children?

As per an Analysis of Comprehension of Animation Logic in Young Children by Wendy Jackson Hall (Animation Artist/Educator, Seattle) presented at the 2002 Society for Animation Studies Conference, Glendale, CA Creative Writing and Language skills are engaged while writing the script. Principles of storytelling, story structure, characters and settings help children express themselves and experiment.Mathematical, logical, and spatial skills are used in organizing the visual project, sequencing the frames, timing and spacing drawings.Science and Physics: Children apply the laws of the natural world to their animation. Persistence of vision, cameras /projection technology, laws of movement, velocity, gravity and metamorphosis are scientific principles that children are exposed to while understanding the principles of animation.Art and Creativity is encouraged when students draw and animate their stories applying aesthetic principles of design, composition, contrast and visual symbols.Moto…

Best Summer Vacation Workshop to Keep Kids Creatively Engaged

With the soaring temperatures and the long summer vacation ahead, most parents in Mumbai find it difficult to keep children constructively occupied and yet away from their electronic gadgets and devices. Children are addicted to their phones, play stations, iPads and Television. Gone are the days where children read, played board games or kept themselves busy creating art and craft at home.
With parents inundated with information about vacation workshops in Mumbai and activities for children, here’s one that stands apart from the rest of the clutter.
A few institutes in India claim to teach animation to children, however what they end up teaching is the software and its command. Something that kids these days are smart enough to figure out and learn on their own.
This is what makes us unique in the Animation Education space. We teach children the art of movement with focus on visual storytelling, principles of animation and application of laws of physics and mathematics. In short, we foc…